Ugo-Ali Lawrence Onu is the current Director, Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS) Department. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Sociology from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria in 1993; Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from University of Lagos (UNILAG) in 2001; and Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from National Teachers Institute (NTI) in 2013. He is a member Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and a registered and licensed teacher of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (MTRCN).

Service Experience

  1. Head Management and Governing Council Secretariat (2009 – till date)
  2. Chairman, Anti-Corruption & Transparency Unit (2019-2021)
  3. Convener, Registrar/Chief Executive’s 5 Year Stewardship (2021)
  4. Chairman, Committee on Production of 2019 Annual Reports. 
  5. Committee on Conference of Registered Teachers, Member (2021)
  6. Committee on TRCN/NIPEP Collaboration – Member (2020)
  7. Secretary/Member, Anti-Corruption & Transparency Unit (2014-2016)
  8. Special Audit and Monitoring Committee- Secretary/Member (2007)
  9. Professional Qualifying Exam (PQE)-Sub-committee –Member (2018)
  10. Committee on Roadmap for Enforcement of Teacher Professionalism & Quality Standard in Nigeria- Member (2018)
  11. TRCN and NUT Consultative Committee – Member (2016 till date)
  12. Re-Constituted Establishment Position Committee -Member (2016)
  13. Development of Teachers License- Committee – Member (2012)
  14. Development of State Coordinator’s Evaluation Instrument
  15. Committee – Member/Secretary (2014)
  16. Investigation Committee on Crashing of TRCN Server – Member/Secretary (2013)
  17. Chairman and Member of Several Investigation Committees- 2016-2019)
  18. Committee on TRCN 10th Year anniversary – Member/Sec (2010)
  19. Senior Staff Recruitment and Appointment Committee – Member
  20. In-House Staff Promotion Examination Committee- Member/Sec
  21. TRCN Establishment Position Committee – Member/Secretary (2008)
  22. TRCN Condition of Service Committee -Member/Secretary (2008)
  23. Procurement and Tenders Committee- Member –
  24. Member, TRCN delegation to 3rd African Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities-(AFTRA) – Tanzania 2012.
  25. 2012 Ministerial Committee on Teachers Award – Member
  26. Member, Committee on development of Career Path Policy for the Teaching Profession in Nigeria (2019/2020)
  27. Member, LOC on Online Annual Conference of Registered Teachers (2021 – till date)

He is happily married with children. His hobbies are in Badminton and basketball.


The Department is the nerve center of the Council and is responsible for discharging the following mandates:

  1. Policy planning
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Coordination of special projects
  4. Provision of library services
  5. Statistical information
  6. Research activities

It is structured into four major divisions as listed below:

  • Planning, Policy and Partnership
  • Research
  • Statistics and
  • Publication

The Department is saddled with the following responsibilities based on the functional mandate of the Council as enshrined in CAP T3 of 2004:

  1. Development of strategic plans that will enable the Council take decisions on policy matters, short- and long-term plans in the professionalization of teaching in Nigeria
  2. Production of Annual Work Plan for the Council
  3. Coordination of Monitoring & Evaluation exercise of Council’s programmes and activities, especially teacher training programmes, workshops & seminars
  4. Design and implementation along with International Development Partners and Non-Governmental Organizations for projects, interventions and supports on teacher education development
  5. Production of statistical information of teachers in Nigeria and other statistics arising from the operations of the Council and teaching professionalism
  6. Production of statistical digest on annual basis and dissemination of such statistical information for policy development, decision making and policy execution
  7. Publication in collaboration with other departments, Council’s journal and research materials to promote the professionalization of teaching
  8. Planning and coordination of Council’s conferences, seminars and workshop in collaboration with other departments
  9. Planning for Council’s budget proposals along with the department of Finance and Account
  10. Determination on periodic basis, the teacher’s training need at various levels of the education sectors
  11. Collaboration with National, regional and international education, information and library networks to ensure that documentation services on teaching and education development in the country are readily available
  12. Collaboration with Development Partners and sister agencies on teacher development activities
  13. Provision of library services comprising books, publications and journals that are focused on teachers’ development and teaching profession
  14. Other activities as may be assigned by the Registrar/Chief Executive from time to time.