Governing board

Composition of TRCN Board

The Board is the policy making arm, which regulates the vision, mission, goals and targets to be pursued by TRCN. It checks and balances the activities of Management and reserves the right to approve or disapprove significant undertakings by TRCN. The TRCN Act also provided for a broad-based governing board which ensures that all relevant stakeholders in the teaching profession are adequately represented. Few other agencies have such wide spectrum of representation and large membership.Below is the list of membership as provided by the law:

  • a. Chairman
  • b. Representatives of each of the committees of
  • i. Deans of Education and Directors of Institutes of Education in Nigerian universities
  • ii. Provosts of Colleges of Education
  • iii. Rectors of polytechnics
  • c. One person representing each of the following bodies:
  • i. National Universities Commission (NUC).
  • ii. National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE)
  • iii. National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).
  • iv. National Teachers Institute (NTI).
  • d. A Representative of the Federal Ministry of Education (FME).
  • e. Six (6) persons representing the State Ministries of Education (SMOE).

They will be elected in rotation among the various states of the Federation and be appointed for a term of two years by the Federal Ministry of Education.

  • f. Two (2) persons representing the Nigerian Academy of Education (NAE).
  • g. Five (5) persons elected by the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT).
  • h. The Registrar of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria.