Department of Finance & Accounts

Department of Finance & Accounts

Mr. ATANDA .L. POPOOLA, FCA, is the present Ag. Director of the Department. The Ag. Director is accountable to the Registrar/Chief Executive of the Council. He is in charge of the implementation of all the provisions of the TRCN Act 31 of 1993 (now TRCN Act CAP T3 of 2004) concerning the establishment, maintenance, management and control of Council Fund. He is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of sound Internal Control Systems to guide the operations of the Council.He ensures that proper books of accounts and records are kept at all times and that the accounts are audited annually by an Auditor appointed from the list and in accordance with the guidelines supplied by the Auditor-General of the Federation. He ensures compliance to the provisions of the Act and other extant rules and regulations of the Federal Government of Nigeria. He oversees the activities of the three divisions in the department namely Funds Management, Expenditure Control/Final Account and Budget and Budgetary Control.

The present Ag. Director started his working career with Inter-Global Nig. Ltd Minna, Niger State as an Accountant in 1992. He was with the company till year 2003. While in the Company he enrolled for his ICAN Professional studies in 1996 and got qualified as a Chartered Accountant in year 2000.

He left the private for public sector in year 2003 by joining the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria as Senior Internal Auditor. He was in the Internal Audit unit till August 2005 when he was redeployed to Finance and Account Department as Senior Accountant.

He rose through the rank to become Chief Accountant in Final Accounts Division in 2013, the position he held till August 10th 2015 when he was appointed to oversee Finance and Accounts Department of the Council.

Mr. Atanda Popoola was a member of the Team that executed World Bank sponsored TRCN STEP-B Project Titled: Upgrading of Database for Science Technology And Mathematics Teachers at Post Basics Schools. He was the Team Finance officer.

The Project offered him the opportunity of both Local and International training having travelled to Ghana and Kenya in year 2008 and 2010 respectively.

He is a member of Anti-Corruption and Transparency unit (ACTU) of the Council.

Mr. Atanda Popoola is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) having been conferred with this fellowship in April 2015.


Implementation of the relevant provisions of the TRCN Act 31 of 1993 (now TRCN Act CAP T3 of 2004) with respect to the establishment, maintenance, management and control of Teachers Fund and other resources of the Council.

  • Establishment and maintenance of sound internal control systems.
  • Developing instruments for collation, recording and reporting financial transactions.
  • Keeping of proper books of accounts and records.
  • Ensuring that Council’s annual financial statements are prepared as and when due and that the statements are audited by External Auditors appointed in accordance with extant regulations and guidelines released for that purpose by the office of the Auditor-General of Federation.
  • Putting in place measures for the effective mobilization and generation of revenue for the Council.
  • Timely preparation and payment of staff emoluments and third party approved entitlements/deductions.
  • Effective preparation and co-ordination of the Council’s work plans, budgets and defence of same before the Federal Ministry of Education, House and Senate Committees on Education of the National Assembly.
  • Effective implementation, control and judicious use of resources as approved in the workplan and budget. The department of finance is made up of three (3) divisions and several operating units and their functions are:
Funds Management Division
  • Collection of bank statements, warrants, A.I.Es.
  • Raising of LPO, Job Order, Contract and maintenance of LPO and Job order register.
  • Preparation of payment vouchers, raising of payment mandate and submission of same to the relevant banks for payment.
  • Preparation of staff Payroll, Payroll Summary Sheets and relevant Payroll based deductions.
  • Preparation of bank cash books, analytical, petty cash books, bank reconciliation statements and other books of prime entry Preparation of periodic report/s in respect of inflows and outflows of funds to the Council.
  • Carry out all necessary actions to ensure compliance to TRCN Act 31 of 1993 (now TRCN Act CAP T3 of 2004) and other extant rules and regulations concerning the establishment, maintenance, management and control of Council’s financial resources.
Expenditure Control and Final Account Division
  • Checking/receipting of goods ordered and comparison with LPO, invoices and way bills.
  • Seeking and obtaining technical confirmation on technical stores items from relevant department where the expertise lies before taken the items on-charge.
  • Raising of all necessary stores records (SRV,SIV) and writing/posting of all stores receipts and issues to the appropriate stores Bin Cards/Ledgers etc.
  • Making requisition for stock replenishment.
  • Maintenance of Vote books/ledgers.
  • Writing of Imprest Petty Cash Payment Vouchers, analytical petty cash book and raising of retirement of Advances Adjustment Vouchers.
  • Cross-checking of entries into bank cash books, and bank reconciliation statements.
  • Posting of monthly bank cash book balances to the relevant ledgers (Nominal, Real and General)
  • Preparation and maintenance of a comprehensive Fixed Asset Register for the Council.
  • Extraction of periodic and end of year trial balance, preparation of Income and Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet and other financial schedules and information required for annual audit purposes.
  • Liaises with External Auditors in respect of the annual audit of the Council Accounts.
Budget and Budgetary Control Division
  • Collation of all the departmental workplans and other informations needed for the Council’s budget.
  • Preparation of the Council’s yearly revenue, recurrent and capital budget proposals, Medium Term Sector and Long-Term Budgets.
  • Participation during the defence of all budget proposals before Federal Ministry of Education, House and Senate Committees on Education of the National Assembly.
  • Carrying out an evaluation of actual results against set plans/budget.
  • Preparation of budget and budgetary control and various periodic reports.
  • Preparation of the summary of relevant periodic reports in respect of the sale of registration materials.
  • Provision of the requisite information and advice to guide the Council in its Investment and Loan negotiation decisions.
  • Provision of information as to whether or not a proposed activity is contained in the approved workplan and or budget.