The Teachers Code of Conduct was first published in the year 2004 and lot of efforts went into the development of that first edition. For instance, the TRCN secretariat and the Governing Board as well as the agencies and institutions represented on the Board participated in crafting the edition.

TRCN also carried out researches into the nature of the Codes of Conduct in other well established professions. The maiden edition of the Teachers Code of Conduct, therefore, was widely regarded as very excellent. Not withstanding the acclaimed quality of the maiden edition, TRCN thought it wise to still circulate the Code to as many stakeholders as possible for inputs. This was because TRCN believed that professional conduct is a most sensitive and important issue requiring an overwhelming consensus so that all stakeholders could be unequivocally committed to its enforcement. In the process, the Code was sent to over four hundred agencies and institutions for study and suggestions.

These included the Federal Ministry of Education and most of its agencies dealing with teachers, all State Ministries of Education, State Primary Education Boards, Secondary Education Management Boards, Teaching Service Commissions, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Faculties and Institutes of Education of Nigerian universities, etc.