JACINTA NGOZI AMETEPE- OGBOSO Ph.D, Director Certification and Licensing TRCN


Dr. Jacinta Ngozi Ametepe-Ogboso (Nee Ezeahurukwe) is an educational Psychologist and a Professional teacher registered and licensed by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with B.Ed. in Guidance and Counselling and has over 15 years of teaching experience across all levels of education (Primary to Tertiary).

She is presently the Director Certification and Licensing Department of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) Headquarters, Abuja. She successfully headed the Education and Accreditation division of TRCN and leading the accreditation of some education Programmes in Colleges of Education and Polytechnics; and professional development programme for teachers.

As current Director of Department of Certification and Licensing, her responsibility is to supervise and ensure effective implementation of all the processes guiding the registration and licensing of teachers in Nigeria, Issuance of letters of Professional Standing for Nigerian teachers seeking employment abroad. In addition to other processes of achieving all the Council’s mandates under her department.

She has represented TRCN in many programs and committees; Conferences and Round Tables nationally and internationally. She has served in different committees in the education sector dealing with policy, curriculum and implementations, and other issues of concern. She has facilitated many teacher professional development programmes.



Professional Membership:

  • National Association of Educational Psychologist
  • Counseling Association of Nigeria (CASON)
  • Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria
  • Exam Ethics International

Publications: She has published two books; (i) Behaviour Problems and Personality Disorders  (ii) Psychology of Adjustment: An Introduction; She has over 25 publications in both local and international journals.


National Assignments/Contributions

She Participated and made relevant contributions in the following national programmes:


  • Resource person on Teacher Development to the TDP/USAID by Moth MCDonald, Cambridge Education Nigeria Limited.
  • Resource person to NSF Development Limited on Teacher Continuous Professional Development.
  • Trainings on Professional Standards for the teaching profession in Nigeria.
  • Development of Minimum Standards for IT Education in Nigeria, organized by the Federal Ministry of Education (FME).
  • The high-level Policy Committee on Updating the National Policy on Education (NPE) by Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC 2012
  • UNICEF programme on developing Head Teachers Efficiency, Effectiveness and Curriculum Management Training Manual for schools in some Northern states in Nigeria, in 2012.
  • The UKAID, Teacher Development Programme, targeted at developing Guidelines in the teaching of English language in Nigerian basic school. 2014-2015.
  • British Council: Global Access to English for learners and teachers everywhere; Programme for Nigerian schools 2015.
  • Harmonisation of NERDC Curriculum and NCE Minimum Standards in 2014 by National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).
  • Development of the National Benchmark on Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination by TRCN, 2014.
  • Inter-ministerial Committee on Violence against Children (VAC) in Education Sector. Aimed at ending violence against children in Nigeria 2016 by FME.
  • Universal Basic Education and Global Partnership For Education (World Bank) on the Capacity Building of Teachers on Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) in some Northern States of Nigeria.
  • Development and critique of policy issues and documents at the Joint Consultative Committees on Education and the National Council on Education Meetings.
  • Review of National Teacher Education Policy
  • The Review of the Professional Standards for Teaching Professional in Nigeria by Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, in 2020.
  • Development of Questions Bank for the Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) from 2017 till date by TRCN.
  • Resource person at the Global Tongstan Entrepreneurial Education Summit 2022.
  • Coordinating the conduct of the Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination and the Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination Integrated in Induction Protocol for Graduating Education Students in Tertiary institutions in Nigeria as well as for Teachers in Diaspora from inception in 2017 till date.
  • National Action Committee on African Continental Free Trade Area, Business to Service Work stream in Nigeria for the education sector.


Her international engagements include

  • Served as a Key Expert in a World Bank Development Project for the development of Policy Guidelines and Tools for Teachers Registration and Licensing for the Teaching Service Commission of Sierra Leone (TSC) for the rolling out of the teacher registration and licensing in Sierra Leone, between November and December. 2017. This was launched in July 2020 in Sierra Leone.
  • Conducted a study and report on the state of play and perspectives of the National Qualifications Framework in Nigeria as a part of “Developing the African Continental Qualifications Framework” (ACQF), in the Context of African Union’s ‘Skills for Initiative for Africa”. Completed in December 2020.
  • Resource Person on Teacher Development to the TDP/USAID by Moth McDonald, Cambridge Education Nigeria Limited.
  • Participated and Represented the TRCN at the African Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authorities (AFTRA) at the Roundtables in: (i) Tanzania. 2012 (ii) Kenya, 2013



  • To carry out background check on teachers for registration.
  • To ensure effective and accurate documentation of data of prospective teachers for the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) and subsequent registration /certification and licensing.
  • To conduct an effective and standardized teacher based professional qualifying examination for teachers.
  • To promptly produce quality and error free certificates and licenses.
  • Ensure certificates are promptly issued to teachers.
  • To produce and maintain accurate Register of Professional Teachers in Nigeria.
  • To issue letters of professional standing to Nigerian teachers wishing to teach abroad and letter of attestation to employers on behalf of registered teachers.
  • To ensure client satisfaction and respond effectively to their feedbacks.




  • Ensure effective implementation of all the conditions guiding registration and licensing of teachers which include, planning and conducting standardized Professional Qualifying Examinations for teachers; Effective registration and licensing of teachers. Etc.
  • Ensure computerization and management of the data of all registered teachers and offering of real time services to teachers and general public as may be determined from time to time by the Council.
  • Ensure Production and maintenance of accurate Register of Professional Teachers in Nigeria by TRCN
  • Developing and sustaining effective relationship with stakeholders, Teaching Councils and related agencies across the world and handling matters of professional standing of Nigerians wishing to teach abroad, as well as issuing attestation letters of registered teachers to stakeholders
  • Representing the Council in high level of professional and technical meetings, conferences, etc.

To achieve the above Mandate, the Department is structured into Five (5) Divisions each with their duties:

  1. Examination Division
  • Plans and conducts the Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE and PQEI)
  1. Registration and Documentation Division
  • Captures all records of applicants / teachers into the database;

Process data of teachers for production of Teacher Professional Certificate and Licenses.

  • Certificate and License Production Division
  • Assesses the processed data of teachers and subsequently produce (Print and Seal) certificates and licenses for teachers.
  1. Quality Assurance Division
  • Verifies applications to ensure they complied with the examination and certification standards before sending them for processing.
  • Assesses the output of certificates and licenses produced to ascertain their quality and standard before releasing them to teachers.
  1. Private School Division
  • Ensures registration and licensing of teachers in private schools and others that may have reason to register at headquarters.
  • Conducts survey to ascertain level of client satisfaction and report same to management.
  • To respond effectively to feedbacks for improved service delivery.